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Beacon Hill Horse Transportation Testimonilas 2
Thank you so much for delivering my horse, Ethan, to Florida this past week.  He arrived in great condition.  We really appreciate the care and concern you showed to both us (the worried owners) and to him.  I would highly recommend you to any friend wishing to ship a horse.
I just wanted to thank you again for taking such good care of Leggs (bay Arabian mare from Florida to Virginia). I have only shipped once before in life 22 years ago, and I was so very pleased with the care that you showed this mare. Thank you for finding her a blanket, I had tried to have one sent but it was thought that no one would put it on while she was being transported. Leggs is settling in very well, and has rested from her trip and recovered from her illness. She has met my stallion, and hopefully they will get along well together. 
While I will likely not need to ship horses often, Laura in Florida does fairly often. She was really impressed with the care and the rigs that you use. She told me that she will definitely try to get your company to ship in the future. 
For what its worth, thank you for going the extra mile in life and doing a job well. You and your shipping company have restored my faith in people, and business. It was a pleasant experience for me instead of the ordeal that I had worried about in shipping horses interstate. I sincerely hope that you had a safe and speedy trip home. If ever you need assistance while crossing Virginia please call on me if I can help in any way. 
Thank you so much for getting the pony down there. Your guys were very professional and highly praised for how they handled the pony etc. by both farms(where she was picked up and where she went)Just thought you would like to know that.  Again,Thanks
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