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*The shipper is the person or entity sending the horse, the carrier is the person or entity actually doing the hauling.

Are you a legally licensed hauler?    Yes.
Will my horse be insured?    $2,000 mortality insurance is provided. Larger amounts are available for an additional charge.
How often do you stop during the trip?    At least every five hours - the truck sits for about 15 to 30 minutes, allowing horses to relax and urinate.
When do they get offered water?   Horses in box stalls have water in front of them at all times.  Horses in straight stalls are offered water at the beginning and end of each stop.
Will you layover?    Layover trips are at the request of those shipping. We have a few favorite layover places, but will try to accommodate any requests.
Blankets?    Blankets provided by the shipper will be added or removed according to the outside temperature.
Equipment?    We expect something the size of a trunk or a Rubbermaid container to accompany a horse, but if you have more, just let us know and we'll plan accordingly.  Please keep in mind though, we are not responsible for equipment, as it will be transported for free with the horse.
Bandages?    You may use bandages on your horse if they are used to them, or if they aren't the best shippers. We cannot reset a bandage that falls down (liability reasons) but we will remove a slipped bandage to insure your horses comfort and safety.
Hay, halters and leads?    They are supplied by the person shipping. We like to make sure that the horse is consuming the same quality hay that they are used to consuming to prevent any digestive upset on the trip.
Health Papers?    What kind of health papers do you need, well that varies.  Click here for health paper information.